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Should I Take a Jacket or a Coat Today?

5 Jun 2012

Spring kicked off surprisingly early this year in March and as usual it was looking too good to be true. In typical British fashion the unusually delightful weather has retreated and we are now back to autumn like ways. Heavy drizzle and windy conditions have once again proclaimed their upper hand and dominance outshining the sun’s heavily awaited return. So don’t store your away your jackets just yet, you may need to hang on to them just that little while longer.

You glance out of the window thinking should I take a coat or will I just end up lugging it around later if it brightens up. Will the retched weather make a turn for the worst or will the sun prevail for once and for all? As luck would have it the weather will almost certainly swing the way you don’t want it to.  So when you can’t decide what you need for the outdoors, leather is a simple and flexible choice and in particular for those uncertain weather days. It's just so versatile and absolutely ideal for those typical British day’s when the weather hangs on a knife edge and you are caught been a very cold start and a warm afternoon, or vice versa. Nappa leather is ideal for this time of year as it is delightfully soft, supple and lightweight so you can wear it all day long and be totally comfortable in the same way you would be with a woven jacket or blazer. Yet leather will provide great insulation from the colder evening and night chill when compared to the same garment in a woven cotton, wool or synthetic mix. It could be said that leather does everything you could ask of it. It will keep you warm and cosy in those friskily chilly mornings when the sun is just perching on the horizon teasing you with those subtle warm rays before making a full blown exodus from behind the clouds. As it's a natural material it allows your skin to breathe and therefore will not overheat you like synthetic fibres do. It’s perfect a keeping you warm when you are cold, and not over-heating you when the temperatures are milder.

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