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Our prices are premanently low and will not drop further than current levels...

6th Mar 2022

Have you ever thought about buying your new winter coat in the summer? It may...

17th Aug 2021

These last 12 months have been like nothing we have ever experienced before...

17th Mar 2021


We would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very...

24th Dec 2020


All price offers are now available online. We would like to make all our...

10th Feb 2020


All the January sales are now on. Many items now have price reductions on...

23rd Dec 2019


It’s Christmas time once again where we all look to enjoy the...

23rd Dec 2019


During the summer months we get asked very regularly by customers if we are...

25th Apr 2019


As people prepare for the holiday season they often overlook the bags and...

28th Mar 2019


We have an extensive range of high quality garments with lots of different...

27th Feb 2019


New items have now been given special price reductions, to see these items go...

22nd Feb 2019


We are increasingly noticing that women’s fashion tops are either...

1st Feb 2019


Last year Britain suffered the “Beast from the East” which halted...

14th Jan 2019


New special offers are now on selected leather jacket styles. For women...

11th Jan 2019


As we move into November and the days shorten why not spend some time...

27th Oct 2018


Sizing varies by clothing brands and also across different styles within the...

23rd Oct 2018


This year it has been very evident that both burgundy and grey are ‘on...

12th Oct 2018


Last winter the stocks dried up long before Christmas day, a lot of...

10th Sep 2018


Everyone has noticed the cooler nights after the never ending long heat wave...

3rd Sep 2018


The Age Before Beauty drama currently on BBC one has got us glued to our...

31st Aug 2018


It’s that time of year again where we all look to enjoy the festivities...

22nd Dec 2017


As we say goodbye to summer and the air turns colder it’s a good time...

11th Nov 2017


Whether it is a classic car or just your regular convertible if you have an...

30th Mar 2017


Many of our customers have enjoyed the benefit of a made to measure / custom...

15th Mar 2017

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