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Planning To Treat Yourself To a New Jacket?

15 Aug 2012

No doubt most of us have pondered many a question when thinking about a new purchase, the more expensive the purchase is the more uncertain we may become as to whether we should or we shouldn’t spend the money.  So if we find ourselves asking:

  • Should I really buy?
  • Do I really need it?
  • It is sensible?
  • Will I make good use of it?
  • Is it a good buy?

Whilst at least we are deemed to be giving fair consideration to our new acquisition, we are however unsure of whether we really want it in a way. This could easily be done to that we are quite frugal with our money and want to ensure we are spending it wisely. Hence, if you are thinking of treating yourself to a new leather jacket it is always a lot easier if you follow your instinct on what you really want and try not to cut corners or talk yourself into the really sensible black or brown colour choice when what you probaly really want is more than one jacket so that you can have the luxury of coordinating new colours. Since we seem to be stuck in a fairly constant stream of cooler temperatures and rain at the moment, a new biker zip style jacket or blazer is not a bad idea. If the summer weather should finally garce us with its presence then our new apparael will be certain to come into good use come autumn and winter, and lets not forget spring and summer time next year.  It does always make sense to buy your new clothes and coats when you see something you like, or know that you need it. The more you delay the more ardous the task can become of finding and selecting that great buy. If you talk yourself out of something that you really like, more often than not you can end up regreting it as you then struggle to find an alternative, let alone a better one, and there’s nothing worse that reminiscing over the one you let get away or just ignored.

So when you start looking in the shops or online for that new jacket or coat the right style will jump at you from the page, it will be the one that you say: “I really like that”, the then important questions that you should be asking yourself to help you get the right one are:

  • How much can I spend?
  • What colour do I really want?
  • What size I am realistically?

It is always good to stick with what you like, unless you are adamant that you want to change your currently general style as you feel you need a style refresh. You should not force yourself into new designs that you do not grab your heart and soul. If you need help with what will suit you best it is always fairly fruitful to go shopping and have a good session of trying on lots of different styles, that way you will get a very good feel for what suits you and what does not. If you want some general pointers to follow then these may help:

If you have  arounded or portly waist then stay away from fitted and tailored styles, these will only serve to make your wiast look bigger. Best options will be stright cut and box cut styles that don’t have a tapered waist.

If you have a narrow chest then low cut styles will emphasize this. Styles that come to and around the neck line and above the neck line work well, as well as those with a collat.

For those with big and wide chests, if you want to hide the chest against box cut styles that do not taper into the waistline will work better.

To soften larger hips a jacket with a wide hem will work wonders. If you want to hide wide hips all-together then an ‘A’ line cut coat is what you should be seeking.

Very slim individuals that don’t want to look too thin, tailored and fitted styles will definitely work best as these will give a greter definition to your shape which what you need. You should really steer away from larger straight cut styles that have no shape.

All-in-all buying new clothes should always be enjoyable and fun, otherwise what is the point as you may as well just stay in all your old stuff. So don’t make it a chore, just be truthful and honest about your body shape and size and take inspiration from others whose style you like, this is always a good source of creativeity and gets the grey matter stimulated. We all know how difficult it can be when you get stuck in a rut but want to move one. So in this mordern day of living your life treat yourself to that new jacket and wear it with pride.

Vintage women's leather biker jacket in black nappa in a fashion cross zip design.

Image of men's leather bomber jacket in a gorgeous waxed finihsed nappa leather for a subtle vinatge finish.