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Nothing Else Compares!

25 Jul 2015
Nothing Else Compares!

Have you ever thought how stylish leather is and why a jacket just looks so much better in whether it is a skirt or jacket it just has a greater allure and just magically lifts the look of what you are wearing. Whilst leather may often be more expensive than other synthetic materials it not always the case and yet leather will probably wear a lot better than other man-made materials and still look smart a number of years layer whereas a lot of cheaper material jackets can look really tired just after one season.
If you been watching 'The Interceptor' on BBC One you may have noticed the very attractive Anna Skellern who plays 'Kim' in the Interceptor Squad is wearing a very fetching black leather biker jacket which looks fab. If you are after a similar jacket we have a few to choose from and probably at a much more affordable price. So here are some suggestions to get you going on a stylish fashion biker jacket in high quality soft leather:

In order from left to right:

Lima - available in black and tan

Erin - available in black and red

Juliet - available in black and yellow

Jazz - available in black, navy and taupe

Jet - available in black

Purdy - available in black (not in the picture but click on the link to view)

There are many more to choose from just click on the link to: Women's Leather Biker Jacker Range