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A Great Jacket Will Stand the Test of Time

12 Apr 2012

Leather has never ceased to be a desirable material for clothing, and in particular for outer wear. Whilst most of us have always loved a jacket or coat that we owned or at least hankered after one, it is no surprise that they have increased in popularity over the last few years and enjoying a revival. And why would it not? It is a wonderful, luxurious material that is unique in its look, touch, feel and drape. The material offers a diverse range of finishes and is very flexible in its uses. Also when you think about it, leather is a eco friendly material as it is a natural by-product that if not used would go to waste. 

A well made jacket will always stand the test of time with regard to wear and design. Some iconic styles have been around for 60 years and still hold their charm and popularity in the ever changing world of fashion. They can last you up to a decade or more, you can even buy creams that nourish and preserve to restore the natural oils in the leather maintaining their gleam for longer. However for many who believe that leather only gains extra character with age the thought of buying a new one and shedding the old is unthinkable. So when searching for a new jacket choosing the best and maybe spending that little extra will prove its worth in the long run. Next day delivery is available in most instances so you can buy with confidence if you need something quickly.

Although leather is a very durable and hard wearing they are still not tear-proof. We’ve all been there, rushing out the door to be on time and our jacket, blouse or cardigan snags on a sharp edge , screw or nail that we wished we had done something about and our favourite garment is ruined! Leather fortunately is a reasonably robust structure and will not usually tear, however if caught with a fair degree of force then it will. You may think that all hope is lost for a repair, but you’d be wrong. Depending on how severe the damage is a specialists may have a few tricks up their sleeve in order to salvage your prized garment. Some minor tears or rips can glued back by professionals and for more severe damage perhaps a mere panel replacement is the answer, it’s not as costly as you may think and perhaps it’s the best option to save an adored wardrobe item.

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