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The Different Styles and Cuts

23 Oct 2018
 The Different Styles and Cuts

Sizing varies by clothing brands and also across different styles within the same brand.

The way the jacket fits on the model is usually a good indicator on how it will fit on a customer of similar proportions and shape. There is the odd style where the correct size for the model wasn’t available; this has been indicated on the product information page.

 Other factors to consider are a lot of modern day clothing does contain elastane, these fabrics are woven and machine made. Consequently fabrics containing elastane offer an immediate stretch capability that enables a garment to auto adjust to fit an individual‘s shape. Therefore when dealing with a natural material such as leather it is important to consider that leather does not contain man-made elastane fibres. However Mother Nature has included a quality which means the leather will stretch slightly over time but this will not happen immediately.

Leather still has a luring factor because it is an extremely versatile material that will combine with a variety of fabrics, woven textures and colours in an aesthetically pleasing way which means it can be paired with almost anything found in the your wardrobe.

 Bomber Jacket:

A bomber jacket has an elastic waistband which mean it narrows in at the waist from the chest, therefore if someone has a portly figure it will emphasise this more. Going up a size won’t remove this factor. To minimise the visibility of a portly figure a comfort fit, straight cut jacket that doesn’t taper in at the waist is the better option. However it is important to realise a leather jacket cannot hide what is underneath, but at least if it doesn’t emphasise this fact it is a bonus.

 Biker Jacket:

These are typically fashion fitted and the styles will vary in design between slim fit and semi fitted cuts. These all narrow in at the waist and are therefore not suitable for certain individuals. If someone does have a portly figure we would suggest looking at the classic zip jacket section which are less fitted and thus are likely to suit this sort of individual.

 Classic Zip Jacket:

These styles tend to vary in design from semi fitted to a comfort fit cut. The corresponding fit is detailed on the product information page.


The leather blazers do vary in cuts with tailored fitted cuts being for people with a more athletic build with narrower waist than chests and a regular cut is for a more straight build with a 3 inch difference in chest to waist. These blazers do not have much of an elastic property to them so it is important to get a blazer correct size because it will not stretch to any size or shape like manufactured materials.

The regular fit blazers do come in at the waist by 3 inches.


On the full product page the fit style is detailed and these are explained as follows:

 Slim fit:

Slim fit cut jackets are purposely made to be narrower in the chest, stomach, waist and shoulder areas. Therefore slim fit jackets are a good 1-1.5 size smaller than a regular fit jacket and a good 2-2.5 sizes smaller than a comfort fit jacket. The slim fit blazers come in 4-5 inches at the waist.

Semi fitted:

A semi fitted cut is a slightly more tapered fit at the waist when compared to a regular fit.

Regular fit:

This is a standard smart fit and suitable for most individuals provided their stomach measurement is at least 2.5-3 inches narrower than their chest.

 Comfort fit:

These styles are typically straight cut from chest down to waist with only very slight tapering. They also offer a slightly wider shoulder width compared to other fits.

Loose fit:

These generally offer 2 inches more room allowance than a comfort fit in the chest, stomach and waist.