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Protector Spray for Suede, Nubuck and Sheepskin




One Size


Colourless spray guard providing an invisible coating to help protect suede, nubuck, sheepskin and leather from snow, rain, oil, dirt and stains.


  • TWIN buy discount pack.

  • Suitable for nubuck, sheepskin, suede and brushed leather.

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  • Colourless protector spray suitable for all colour finishes.

  • Very Easy to Use - for new and used articles.

  • LETAP trusted brand.

  • Each can is 150ml.

Recommended For New and Used Articles.

  • Provides an invisible shield that protects suede, sheepskin, nubuck and brushed leathers against rain, snow, oil, dirt and stains.
  • NB: As with all protector sprays and guards it does not stop 100% penetration of external elements as it, it only offers protection which reduces the penetration level.

  • Recommended for shoes, boots, handbags, coats, furniture, gloves, aniline waxy, oily brown leathers, canvas and most fabrics.

  • Light coloured suede may appear a shade darker after spraying.

  • We are aware of use on aniline leather if extra care is taken. Please note that aniline leather is unsealed and therefore application requires an even spray; as with suede light colours will appear a shade darker after use.

  • Remember to ALWAYS FIRST test on a small area that is out of sight. This will also help you test your spraying technique.

  • Regular use is recommended to maintain protective coating, please follow instructions on can.

Full Grain Leathers (Nappa & Hide)

  •  Can be used on full grain un-glazed leathers for extra protection and increased water repellent properties. Please note it will increase the time it takes for water to penetrate through, it will not provide a water proof coating. (Glazed finishes typically do not require a protector spray guard as these are already coated.)

  •  Please note that a guard protector spay does not nourish (feed) or condition (rejuvenate).


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