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What stylish bag are you going to take on holiday with you?

28 May 2012

With winter drawing to an end summer is just round the corner and holiday planning will soon be on many people’s agenda. So what is the most essential holiday accessory? Most people would probably say, bikini, sunglasses maybe sun tan cream. However when you think about it when it comes to going on holiday what accessory could be more important than your luggage bag? After all it carry’s every accessory and item of clothing you could possibly need and if it got lost en route you would be utterly miserable.

If you are looking for a stylish and chic bag which has not yet hit the masses a leather cow skin bag may be just up your street. Many different patterns and styles can be fashioned, such as leopard print, black or brown zebra print and of course there’s the original black, brown and tan colours. They are made from 100% cow hide and few would argue that synthetic bags are more durable. If you have an eye for quality you can always spot a real leather holdall. Most of us have been in a situation, whether it is a nice place with smart people or bumping into someone we know or like and we immediately feel the blood rush to our cheeks in a surge of embarrassment because the bag we have got with us looks cheap, tatty and with a hard life behind it. This is where leather comes into its own. It is a natural material and like a good wine gains character as it matures. Even if you treat your leather rough it will always be immediately apparent that it is genuine leather and not a cheap synthetic copy. Also when you think about it, fakes and imitations are not much cheaper than the real leather versions if you buy them at a discount price.

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