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What are you Vintage or Retro?

5 Oct 2012

Retro style is in revival, and especially in leather. There is an increasing choice of retro designs in zip and button jackets for both sexes being spun out from a lot of the fashion houses, after all it is often said that fashion is often just re-design of what's already been around.

In essence 'vintage' is often a timeless design that has not faded out of favour as it is well balanced and can transcend through the fashion fads as it is has a sound appeal and does not look out of place in the general daily atire of the average person. It also subtle on the eye and does not scream out in a crowd, and generally can be akin to the styling of the 20s and 30s through to the 50s. The main vintage and antique colour options include: antique tan, antique dark brown, vintage cocoa brown nubuck, golden brown nubuck, tobacco brown, aged brown, black wash and dark brown wash.

Retro on the other hand has a higher fashion connection value and can be aligned to the 60s and 70s fashion. High sheen or semi-gloss shine finishes are also associated with this fashion genre as are brighter and vivid colours together with more streamlined shapes and cuts.

So whether you are after a casual, understated, chic or glamorous look we have one of the widest online collections for you to choose from. We have both fashion designer feel retro styled jackets and coats to very classic and iconic styles and finishes all at great prices. For an extra discount visit us on facebook and like us to claim your discount.

Our selection of vintage jackets and coats offer a distinguished style whether you favour classic styling, a striking fashion look, or want the luxury of an expensive designer look without the high price tag. Our extensive range is hand made in premium and superior nappa, hide and nubuck leather. Each garment has independant details regarding the type of leather it is crafted in, as well as the fit / cut it offers together with a sizing chart for that style.

Whatever you are looking for, we will do our best to help you with sizing and any questions around fit, colour finishes and leather types. So whether you are looking for a vintage style, vintage feel, or antique colour finish we have something for everyone.