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Toscana Versus Merino Lambskin?

27 Sep 2012

Sheepskin is characterised by its wool fleece on one side and a suede, nubuck or leather surface on the other. The wool lined side is usually worn on the interior of coats, jackets, gloves and boots for added warmth and insulation. Lambskin offers the same sought after benefits but is a lot lighter weight and softer and is thus more expensive.

There are a wide variety of breeds of sheep and some have very distinctive wool types. The main types are Merino and Toscana. Toscana sheep that reside in mountain ranges in Spain are classed as having the softest and is classified as the best quality. They are also bread in other European countries such as France and Italy, but the wool whilst still being very soft, is deemed to be less soft when compared to the Spanish breed. The hides do come in varying densities of wool thickness and lightness of skin. All are soft, their degree of softness just varies very marginally from one type to the other as every animal is unique. However the best quality is deemed to be of a medium weight with very densely packed long haired wool making it near impossible to see the underskin.  

Merino is lightweight and soft throughout with a shorter sheared wool finish. Merino is highly sought for its wool  in the production of knitwear, whereas Toscana is considered to be too luxurious for use in knitted items. It is also the softest types of wool available due to its composition of fine fibres. Its warmth to weight ratio compared with other wools is superb. It is excellent at regulating body temperature, it provides warmth without overheating the wearer.

All in all whichever you consider, you will not be disappointed with the beautifully soft suede exterior and the sumptuous wool interior.  With the cold weather settling in for the month you will congratulate yourself on your purchase and know that it is a very worthwhile investment for the many years of wear and use that you will get out of it. We have all bought items that whilst being more expensive (when compared to the cheaper and lesser quality versions) have proved to be more economical in the long run in addition to delivering a far better experience and service all the way through and very worth while!!

For those of us that feel the cold, and or the wind, spend time in the outdoors, going skiing or just travelling somewhere cold a sheepksin or lambskin is a vety cosy and luxurious garment if you can afford it. We been made aware by some customers who have bought a Toscana or sheepkin gilet that these article sof clothing are very practical for wear in doors for those that live is draughty / period properties.  A sheepskin of any sort will help to insulate from the cold and draught, the gilets / waistcoats are versatile enough to wear indoors for those that tend to feel the cold more. 

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