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To Buy Or Not to Buy?

10 Jun 2012

If you have never owned or worn any leather apparel before and you are contemplating buying one for the first time there a few points that you should consider first.  First  and foremost, leather is a wholly unique material and not like anything else, in particular nappa and sealed leathers do have a light sheen finish, a bit like a soft shine. Whilst the leather lovers amongst us love this distinctive characteristic, it can be a little "stand-out ish" for those of us that have tended to be very conservative in our dress sense. Hence why it may take an individual who wants to update their dress style a few dress rehearsal attempts in a shop or at a friends house before they can adjust their mindset and see themselves in the pristine sheen of a new leather jacket. For those of us that like a lived in or aged look there are vintage, aged and distressed look finishes which offer a subtly varied colour finish come soft wash shade look. Aged finishes typically show a greater shade variation to unevenness in the colour, whilst distress does tend to mean that the colour has been removed during the dying process and in some cases the leather has been lightly sanded down to show wear and tear. If you strongly dislike any level of sheen or light soft shine materials then a matt leather type such as suede, nubuck and brushed matt leather is what you want as these have a similar resemblance to a high quality wool weave or soft velvet. So what ever your texture preference leather has something to offer. 

Secondly, the trying on of different jacket and coat styles is always very helpful if you are unsure what style to opt for. Blazers are about the most versatile if you are after a casual or smart jacket, they just about go with most things apart from formal wear. Whereas bomber style jackets are more aligned to casual, relaxed and leisure wear which makes sense in way as its design was specifically devised to keep bomber pilots warm and comfortable during flight in the Second World War. Now, if we look at biker jackets it would be the classic, fashion and designer styles that one would look to buy and wear for either daily or weekend use or going out. The biker jacket is often thought of as the motorcyclist apparel constructed for protection and have heavy duty padding at joints as well as serious reinforcement panelling to shield the flesh and bone from knocks and scrapes, yet many classic zip jackets in nappa that have nehru or short stub collars and smooth clean lines are indeed based on the original and iconic biker jacket template. For those that like more conventional styles whether it be a classic zip Harrington or blouson design, the very practical button car coat jackets and parkas to the smart full length tailored coats then you can comfortably rest assured that you are likely to have a timeless piece that you will set you apart from the crowd in an understated manner in the black, brown and cream shades. If you want a classically timeless piece but with a bit of pizazz then you will be pleasantly surprised how a vibrant shade such as red, purple, aubergine will turn heads and also give an uplift to most pallors. Tan colour shades are always a great medium between the traditional and the more adventurous.

In reality, deciding on which new style to buy should be fairly straight forward if you know what you like and feel good in. There is not point in talking yourself into a jacket or coat style that you don't like or fancy, remember that if you like a matt finish that resembles a woven material then nubuck, suede and brushed matt leathers are what you need. If you like authentic nappa with a soft sheen then a vintage come antiqued colour option will give you a different edge to the very popular uniform colour finishes. If you are fortunate enough to like and love lots of different styles and have a flair for picking and mixing designs then you can always offer help and advice to a friend that is struggling to update their wardrobe.