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The Ethics of Fur

28 Sep 2012

Fur is one of the oldest forms of clothing due to its superior warmth and durability. Some view fur as a highly luxurious and elegant wardrobe addition whilst others view them as immoral and vulgar garments that subsequently should be banned due to perceived cruelty to animals. Common animals prized for their fur and used for fur clothing and fur trimmed accessories include fox, rabbit, mink, beaver, chinchilla as well as otters.

However if you like the look of fur garments but don’t agree with the process and how they are sourced can a happy medium exist? Well the answer is yes there can. One alternative is of course faux fur clothing, these can look just as dignified as authentic pieces but without the lavish price tag or the moral altercation. Having said the down side to faux fur is that synthetic fibres don’t possess the insulating properties that natural fibres do. Generally synthetic imitations, depending on quality, are sometimes found to be itchy and as well providing less protection against the cold and also habitually overheat you once you step indoors.

A better, more luxurious and stunning alternative is the Toscana lambskin coat or shearling jacket. Derived from mountain sheep which are ethically farmed and pampered for the beauty of their hides as well as the sustenance they provide, absolutely nothing goes to waste. The mountain long haired sheep are farmed just in the same way that the typical British sheep are farmed, they live in the open countryside and have a mainly natural diet of green pasture. In trust, there is nothing unethical in wearing a Toscana lambskin coat. Toscana lambskin and shearling wool are unrivalled for battling the dreaded and bitter rawness of winter. They are gorgeously soft and warm, a true sheer delight to wear. As well as diverse, they compliment both casual and formal dress alike whilst maintaining an aroma of elegance in an understated fashion. The quality is second to none and can easily last you a decade or more when looked after. A bona fide bargain buy when you consider the lifespan and the sheer quality of such a glamorous coat.

Our Toscana Sheepskin range offers sumptous glamour, style as well as undisputed comfort and warmth.