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Shopping for a Sheepskin

3 Dec 2011

The British winter never fails, freezing cold temperatures are with us once again and there’s only one real contender for the warmest winter wardrobe accessory, which is of course sheepskin outer wear. Don’t be duped by the cheap man-made fibers sadly used by many far-east textile producers and stocked on our high streets by various chains. You may find that your jacket is ill equipped when it comes to keeping out the cold. Shearling wool is unrivalled by synthetic fibers when it comes to battling the chills of the bitter winter.

 They have been well known and loved throughout many eras of fashion for their unique, warm and lavish style. Their classic designs have blended seamlessly through the meandering trends of fashion for decades, anchoring itself in its own vogue. Whether you’re cruising on a Harley, posing in a Ferrari or a Classic Racing Green Mini the Shearling looks chic and desirable on anyone and next to anything. 

 Reputable UK based retailers are a secure choice when you are parting with hundreds of pounds for a good quality flying jacket or shearling coat. Synthetic and replica's from abroad at rock bottom prices find their way on to e-Bay, not only are the prices low but so can be the quality. The price may certainly have its appeal but authenticity can’t always be assured before purchase. 

 So if you want quality guaranteed and are unsure of what to look for then these pointers may help:

 - Select a retailer that has a broad range of sheepskins and also lambskins if possible. Lambskins are at the top end and hence more expensive with regard to the raw material and thus is an indication that the retailer has a wider source of supply. It also gives you the a wider choice base.

 - If the item seems too cheap for what is being promised then it probably is too good to be true, which means that the origins of supply are more likely to be dubious.

 - If you can, try to find out how long the retailer has been trading.

 - If you have never worn one of these beautiful garments then it would be a good idea to go to a shop and try one on in the flesh and make sure it is what you are after.

 - Italian and Spanish sheep hides are softer and provide a lovely medium weight making them ideal for all day wear. British ones are typically a much heavier weight; whilst lovely quality the heaviness can be cumbersome for general wear and in addition these are a lot more expensive at typically at double the price.

Here's a great example of one of the styles from our finest lambskin Toscana collection...Finest Full Length Hooded Toscana Sheepskin Coat in Tan - Luna