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Sheepskin Jackets for the Open Top Car Season

30 Mar 2017
Sheepskin Jackets for the Open Top Car Season

Whether it is a classic car or just your regular convertible if you have an open top car that you take to events you will be wanting a warm and luxurious jacket to shield you from the extremities as it does get pretty cold tootling along the road at even 30 to 50 miles especially when considering the general British weather.

There is nothing quite like sheepskin to keep you warm and shielded from the cold. The classic flying jacket is an old-time favourite that everyone loves and dates back to the WWII bomber pilots who wore these sheepskin jackets to protect them from the cold at high altitudes as well as for the general outdoors jackets when not flying. The Flying jacket is now an iconic timeless style that has kept true to its origins for over 70 years.

We still have some great offers on sheepskin coats and sheepskin flying jackets so whatever your style we have a wide range of designs and styles to choose from. Hurry as some styles are already ‘sold out’ or on ‘limited stock’ alert !

Women's Sheepskin Flying Jacket Range  - click to view offers on womens's classic and fashion styled flying jackets

Men's Sheepskin Flying Jacket Range  - click to view offers on straight zip and cross zip pilots jackets