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Online Shopping - Basic Tips

10 Oct 2012

It's difficult to know sometimes whether buying online is an easy option or potentially a can of worms. 

Purchasing consumables (such as toiletries, weekly shopping), electronic goods, DVDs, games, toys seems very straight forward and a no-brainer. However when it comes to personal attire this can scare some of us off. However the ease and convenience of buying a very smart jacket or new warm winter coat from the comfort of your armchair, desk or mobile does have its attraction. 

 If you are Internet savy and thus an experienced online buyer you know the short cuts to making your online buying trip a quick and fruitful one. If you are new to online shopping then here are some tips:

1) Search term - this very important and will save you a lot of time. It is best to be succinct, so the item name and colour might be a good start. So if you are after a 'black jacke' it might be worth adding in some additional words to the search term to narrow the listings index to specifics that you want in the item or about the retailer. For example "UK buy online" is a useful add-on definition if you don't want overseas retailers (to avoid international delivery charges); "discount", "sale" and "cheap" are used if you are looking for reduced price items.

Further specifics on the item you are after are useful for closer matches, for example: zip, button, short, long, fitted, made to measure, or even size. Also just insterting whether you are after a men's or women's leather jacket is pretty handy at narrowing down the matches found.

 2) Sizing - when it comes to clothes this can be a mine field just amongst UK based brand and shops, let alone US and continental. You will have most probably heard of "vanity sizing", this is where the size 8 is now a size 10 or 12 and in some cases even a size 14. Therefore the fact that we are now really a size 16 in reality but can fit into size 12 means that we can feel good about ourselves when buying new clothes. The key point here is that the size label can, and in some instances should definitely, be ignored as it is wholly irrelevant!! However if you need a plus size or a very small size then size required is important definition in the search field. 

3) Price - this can be another important reference of differentiation in aiding a high quality match in the search engine results. So if you are after a bargain the terms "cheap", "sale" and "discount" will serve you well. Alternatively if you want to ensure supreme, fine or just top quality then "quality" needs to be included within your search phrase.

All in all online shopping is extremely fruitful in a vast majority of cases as you save money running down to the shops in your car as well as the frustration and cost of finding parking.  However a small amount of trawling through one or two, or a few web sites is likely to be necessary. If you are willing to put the time and effort in then you will be more likely to reap back the rewards. It is really no different to conventional high street shop, you need to know the most appropriate store that will be carrying the style, size, quality and price of goods that you seek as this will save you leg work (time walking an looking through lots of shops in vain). If you use definitive search phrases this will deliver an appropriate list of searches.

Whether it's a new leather jacket or shearling sheepskin coat good quality always shows through in the outer hide suppleness which extended to the comfort it delivers when worn.