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New Year Leather and Celebrity Fashion

8 Jan 2013

Year upon year leather seems to consistently remain a pillar of fashion and its popularity never seems to sink within the celebrity world and 2013 looks to be no different. So why does leather never fail to tug the heartstrings of the fashion world and many faithful fashionista’s?


Leather is luxurious and traditionally associated with status and wealth, however it is not exclusively desired by society’s most affluent. The reason why leather is at the focus of continuous popularity is the fact that it is beautifully soft, flexible and durable if properly looked after. This by no means suggests that leather is invulnerable to damage, if you were to catch your leather jacket or coat on a door handle or a loose nail for example it could rip just like most other materials. On the other hand if you take care and ensure you treat your leather apparel with respect you will soon see for yourself why leather has maintained its popularity for so many decades.

So what trends are in at the moment? Well of course leather jackets but in particular asymmetric or cross zip designs. Leather dresses, leather trousers and leggings are also in vogue right now, with celebrities being snapped left, right and centre sporting this type of wear.

Here we have Nicole Richie(left) sporting a sharp cross zip fashion biker style jacket in red leather, also known as an asymmetric biker design jacket. Whilst the jacket Nicole is wearing is likely to cost anything between £500 to £2000 you can still achieve the same or even better style look through the UK LJ asymmetric cross zip red biker jacket pictured adjacent below for a mere fraction of the price at £159.00! So you will be glad to hear that you definitely do not need to spend a fortune to get the look and you can still enjoy lovely soft nappa leather too without breaking the bank! Now that's a great tip to kick off your new year in style!

For further information on the look-a-like asymmetric cross zip Fashion styles: