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Miley Cyrus

17 Jan 2014
Miley Cyrus

Over time there have always been many female musicians that young girls have looked up and tried to emulate as much as possible. This can be seen through the clothes that some of the famous pop stars wear and then how they are seen being sported all over the country by teenage girls. A singer that has been in the public eye steadily is Miley Cyrus. She was inaugurated into television as Hannah Montana, in a show bearing the same name as her role but in the present day she is conversely identified with the controversy that is surrounded around her. Examples of her controversies include her provocative performance of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines during the MTV awards and also the singer smoking marijuana whilst presenting an award during the MTV Europe Music Awards in Amsterdam this year.

Miley was recently seen wearing a great women's black leather jacket whilst in Amsterdam. Linking back to how famous musicians are idolized by their fans and thus prompting them to wear clothes of a similar nature, I wouldn’t be surprised if the leather biker jacket was seen much more worn by teenage girls attending college and university. The jacket is a great choice in that it is perfectly understated with no shiny zips or buttons creating a nice sharp image. This would be perfect but any woman who wishes to have a versatile jacket which they could wear for many different occasions. So if it is Miley Cyrus that a girl would like to share a similar image to, then a leather biker jacket would be the perfect way to start.