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Leather Never Out of Fashion

9 Mar 2014

Our love affair with leather started at the dawn of mankind when animal skins were essential to keep us warm and shield us from the elements and the cold. Animal skins were essentially a prised and very important bi-product of hunting. Hunting in its original form was in effect an essential part of survival, food with higher nutrition value, meat, was core fuel in developing muscle mass and hence strength. Interestingly as point we tend to overlook is that man was not just a predator but also the prey of the larger animals such cats, wolves, large toothed reptiles such as crocodiles, as well as large snakes, large birds of prey and even apes at times.  Whilst the world is a wholly different place today as man is no longer a key food source of other animal species, we now farm the vast majority of our food sources in a managed and controlled manner.  As always, we look to use of elements of the produce that we farm and all animal skins are still today a very useful and important bi-product. 

Whilst with all the technology that we have developed over the last 100 years, we still have not managed to emulate the unique and sought after qualities of leather and sheepskin.  All animal skins have the amazing ability to retain body warmth whilst allowing moisture to dissipate slowly and naturally through its tiny pores. In addition they seem to always give us a sense of well being and added security as they are typically super comfortable to wear and feel gorgeous to the touch. In addition, can you recall how many times you have remarked on the lovely smell of leather whether when looking at a new hand bag or wallet, testing a new sofa or getting inside a leather upholstered car that is being admired in a show room or one that we are getting a lift in.  Leather and sheepskin apart from being very desirable are also excellent value for money over the long run. Most leather jackets will last up to 7 and 10 years and beyond depending how well looked after they are, what's more you will not get bored of wearing it. Unlike other materials, use and age will serve to add an extra dimension of character as the colour will have toned in more and the texture only softens even more as the years pass provided it is not maltreated.

From our teens to our 70s and 80s,  the vast majority of us mere mortals will always admire a beautiful lambskin coat for its luxurious sumptuousness just as much as a stylish and smart leather jacket that transforms almost any outfit. It never ceases to surprise me how many of us will take a double look at another person who is wearing leather. The first glance catches our attention, whilst the second look is to zone in more specifically at the style and cut of the garment as well as the colour and any distinctive features. It is usually the lovely soft sheen of nappa or the velvety muted surface of nubuck and suede that really stands out for most of us as a highly distinctive texture. Whilst lambskins dare we say have an more exclusive allure which is no surprise as the prices tags are generally 4 to 10 more that than of the leather equivalent.

So it can be said that through the decades of our lives we will always continue to admire a beautifully made leather garment and accessory and most of us will no doubt possess and enjoy a number of these throughout our existence.