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Leather, My Achilles Heel !

12 Feb 2012

If I won the lottery, I would first and foremost keep it a secret and only tell a handful of people. I would then think about what I really wanted to do with such a ludicrous amount of money. My current thinking would be to give some money to my close friends and relatives. Next would be to go on an all out holiday, this would give me some time to plan out my next moves which would include house, car and future financial security. 

Adding to my wardrobe would be about number 10 on my list but no doubt probably the most fun. I would probably ditch most of my current apparel and keep only my true favourites. I would buy a fancy jacket for each day of the week as well as range other clothes and accessories. Leather is a true passion of mine and strains my purse strings on an annual basis. My love doesn't stop with jackets it stems from handbags, skirts, trousers and other accessories. I’d have to say that bomber and biker jackets are probably my favourite. However when winter rolls round nothing beats a sheepskin. They are simply divine and utterly luxurious, nothing keeps you more warm and cosy.

Jackets don’t just come in muggy brown or black you know, they can be crafted in any colour of the rainbow. Tan is also quite a popular colour, along with red, green, blue, purple, the list goes on and on…. Probably not to every man’s taste but for us girlies it’s fabulous! Leather is such a versatile and supple material. I adore the way it moulds itself to my body and how it doesn’t fade over time. What's more unlike most clothes it actually looks better with age and gains added character. I actually feel sad when I'm forced to buy a new jacket for whatever reason. However the best thing about leather is undoubtedly that you never need to wash or iron it either, perfect in every way !