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Leather Blazer, a Fashion and Wardrobe Relic

3 Nov 2012

The blazer has been an iconic pillar of the fashion world for decades and is one of few garments that are unlikely to ever go out of fashion. Overtime the classic blazer has subtly evolved to accommodate the constant rolling trends of fashion, from thick retro 70’s lapels, box cut styles, vibrant colours and patterns to softer tailored cuts where no certain feature of the jacket stands out more than the other whilst maintaining its timeless design.

Leather Blazers pull at the heart strings of every fashion enthusiast because they are comfortable, versatile and stylishly chic. Hugely popularised by film idols such as Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and Demi Moore, to name a few, momentum has consistently developed among the younger generations transforming leather clothing from its original protective uses to a status symbol item of apparel.

The blazer exudes confidence to any and all who wear them. Equally adorned by men and women alike they flatter virtually most dress styles that may take your fancy. Whether it’s a smart or casual look you’re after, the blazer simply manages to compliment most outfits whatever your style from elegantly tailored to chic casual, chic glamorous, sporty as well as trendy style setter and rock band class without looking pretentious. Whether it’s a 2 button or 3 button, single vent or double vent you don’t have to be a fashionista to pull it off. The 2 button single breast style can be argued as being the most faithful and longstanding classic blazer jacket design. They can transform whatever you’re wearing and turn you from a run of the mill look to elegance or an understated voguish look. Whether you are wearing, jeans, t-shirt or blouse a blazer compliments virtually any attire beautifully.

There’s a huge selection of blazer styles in the world of leather to cater for any need or desire. For instance there are subtle variants in lapels, collars, ones with epaulettes, not to mention the various types of leathers and finishes available. Whatever your leather preference may be, cowhide for a more rugged and durable jacket, nappa for something soft and luxurious, aniline for that vintage or antiqued finish.

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