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Leather Blazer

20 May 2015
Leather Blazer

Blazers are a versatile option for those of us who don’t want a biker or bomber styled jacket. 

The advantage of going with a leather blazer over the traditional cloth it the way leather tends to effortlessly compliment most other materials. A leather blazer will invariably suit both winter wools and summer silks, and anything in between. Cloth jackets bring the difficulty of mixing different weaves and textures as well as harmonizing different tones and even shades of the same colour, which can often lead to having to spend lots of additional time trying to get the right outfit together, and when you are tight on time this is the last thing you need. Even different textile materials that are all black can be difficult to combine because of the way they reflect light and detail texture can be so different that they just clash and don't attune.

On the odd day in the British summer that is actually hot, we agree that leather might be a little much. However, for the rest of the year, you’ll often find a leather blazer to be a staple of your wardrobe.

Which blazer to get? As blazers are all typically timeless it is hard to go wrong, a shaped and fitted style can accentuate the figure and look more trendy, but if you like a good comfort fit and want room to move in then a traditional style blazer is a wide option. A classic style blazer will not fail stay above the peaks and troughs of fashion trends and remaining timelessly stylish.