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Leather Biker Jackets a Fashion Favorite

4 May 2011

Most when they hear the words 'leather' conjure up an image of a motorbike and a biker. Whilst the biker jacket has evolved greatly since its creation is now a serious fashion trend. Many celebrities, models and in particular pop and rock stars have aided the iconic styling of the designer versions marketed by many brands and stores. 

Many can misconceive the biker to be a heavy, bulky and restrictive article of clothing, however this couldn't be further from the case. Nappa, which is used to craft most of today's modern apparel is luxuriously soft, supple and moulds itself to the shape of your body and becoming ever more dignified with age.

Most serious fashionistas will own at least one if not a few in a multitude of colours ranging from black to brown, red, white and tan being the most popular. Any colour you can think of has been created in leather crafted by acclaimed as well as undiscovered designers.

It’s easy to understand why designers are eternally seduced by it's charm. Its versatility is unmatched by many other materials used even today. It can be dyed to virtually any colour, cut to fit any shape, shelter us from the harsh elements of nature whilst still maintaining its natural breathable qualities unlike other many synthetic fibres used today.

Traditional style biker jacket in black cow hide, similar in part to that worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the terminator movie: