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Leather Big on The Fashion Scene

26 Sep 2011

It will be of little surprise that leather and fur are featuring high on the autumn and winter fashion collections and catwalks for this new season. Whilst it can be said that leather has come into favour again over the last two years in particular, our love and passion for it has never really died. Leather apparel really hit its first big fashion trend in the 70s. And since then it has always been about the cut, styling and design. Some may pull these three very distinct elements into one. Yet they each have an specific definition and meaning, let us explore further.

The "cut" is all about how the garment hangs and fits the body. A tailored cut has a smart and semi-fitted fit for timeless styling to fully fitted for a higher fashion look. Comfort fit cuts are typically associated to men's jackets and coats as well as sheepskins and Toscanas for women as these need to have a slightly greater fit allowance for the thickness of the sheared wool (hence term shearling).

Styling could be described as the wear category and, or the classification for a piece of clothing. For example blazer, bomber, biker and coat are each style categories and in addition coats will have further style groups such as short (3/4 length), knee length (7/8th length), long (full length). In addition there is further sub-classification of styling by "occasion": smart, casual, glamorous, elegant, trendy and hip, evening.

Now "design" is all about how the conventional to unconventional the garment looks. As individuals we are each looking at how a garment meets our personal style and some of us also consider the practical needs, especially so as we mature. Some will put design above functionality hence the regularly coined phrase "its all about the look". It is interesting how some designs can seem to invoke such wanton desire that the price tag seems to become immaterial. The big designer brands are wholly aware of this as it is the key underling factor to their success or failure. However, the true "haute couture" brands that have existed for the last 50-100 years plus unquestionably deliver superior quality craftsmanship in the materials used and also the craftsmanship, and would expect this as each garment sells for £1,000s and £10,000s for evening dresses and suits.

The good news is that there is a great selection of beautifully made outer wear in top quality luxurious sheep and lambs nappa as well as sheepskin at very affordable prices for the modest but discerning shopper. There are a breadth of styles ranging from the timeless classics to the high fashion and edgy designer brands so that one can look their best and pursue their individual fashion style without having to spend a small fortune. The are a variety of specialist leather shops dotted across the country which have a beautiful range of garments to try on which is particulary useful if you need to make an instant purchase or you're not sure what style your after or want to consider a new colour. If you have a better idea of what you are after then online will usullay give you the best price as there are some great savings to be had.