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Is there a jacket out there for me ?

27 Jul 2012

Many of us have own style and we like to stick with it regardless of what fashionistas dictate. However with a forever evolving fashion world, am I ever in danger of my most favoured and loved styles or outfits becoming obsolete? Thankfully no…, not yet at least. In this era you can virtually find anything you desire, no matter what age bracket you fall into and you can’t you can almost certainly have it made. The world is so diverse the chances are if you like a certain look, there will also be many people out there who do as well.

The fact is, there are many styles which are considered to be iconic, some have been around for many decades and still likely to continue for many more to come. Leather jackets worn in iconic films by idols, has arguably helped to preserve a place in the heart of many as a favourite and also as classic and timeless pieces. James Dean was famous for wearing a Harrington jacket, and to this day remain one of the most popular style options for men. Another example is Arnold Swartzenegger in terminated who somehow made the biker jacket even more cool than it already was.

The blazer is another undoubted classic and timeless piece, so much so it not need be endorsed by any movie. A versatile design exclusive to neither to men or women but popular to both. The blazer originated in the early-mid 19th century and was popularised initially by boat clubs, it has cemented itself as iconic piece in the fashion world and likely to continue as it has done, so far, for over a hundred and fifty years.

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