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Good Time To Buy

15 Aug 2014
Good Time To Buy

With most of us now having enjoyed some beautiful sunny days this summer the slight drop in temperatures is more noticeable and an gentle indicator that the autumn will be here all too soon.

The high street store sales are now mostly over and with the new autumn season wear now out on display a lot of us are thinking about making the most of what is left of August and praying for some more sunny weather. Whilst the weather will do as she pleases some of us can take advantage of final discount and sales offers that may be still around.

Some of you may have been thinking about freshening up the wardrobe for the autumn-winter season ahead and as there are very few of us that can afford to replace our entire wardrobes it makes sense to acquire some choice pieces that can enhance existing outfits. We all have old-time favourites in our wardrobes such as a best-loved shirt, faithful wool sweaters, comfy trousers, and treasured dresses and loyal jackets and coats.

Have you noticed how your attention is involuntarily drawn when you see someone wearing a leather jacket as you just don't see them out and about that often. Yet, leather is a prized natural material and has a defying ability to go with almost anything and so a single jacket made of leather will tend to enhance most of your wardrobe whatever your style.

With the autumn drawing closer, now is a good time to buy a new jacket or coat from our range and benefit from the offers available as the 'early bird catches the worm', so don't delay as you may end-up kicking yourself!