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Get Ahead

16 Sep 2015

Leave nothing to chance this year: now is a great time to prepare your wardrobe for the season ahead all too soon the nights will be drawing in and the temperature will start to lower. So if you know you are in need of a new jacket, and want something a little bit different to the masses, leather is a good option. Ordering now ahead of the winter means you can be sure to get your jacket or coat so that you have it for when you really need it.

Leather always manages to turn heads, not sure why or how it seems to have a great allure all of its own. Maybe it is the fact that it looks luxurious and you can tell a mile off its leather or maybe it is the cave man instinct within us that we still harbour. It could be said that another element that makes leather so attractive is its ability to suit both a casual and smart dress style.

If you are after a full blown and extra warm winter coat then nothing beats a good sheepskin, these are just so gorgeous with their deep and velvety soft wool. Sheepskins and Toscanas are both enduring and hugely practical for the cold as you can just throw it on and you are insulated from the cold, after all it is what Mother Nature created herself to protect us from the hard frost and extreme cold.
Put simply, you will never go wrong with a great leather jacket, sheepskin coat or Toscana gilet, you just will want to wear it all the time.

Stock moves fast, so ordering early makes sense and can save you added frustration and hassle waiting for a delivery when you really need to have the coat or jacket to wear. Due to the time it takes to process the natural skins of leather and sheepskin, orders can often take up to four weeks to arrive!