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For The Tall and Mighty

10 Apr 2015
For The Tall and Mighty

For those of us who have long or short arms, sleeve length can be a problem when buying a new top or jacket. So it will be welcome news for some that we do have available in stock from time to time and across various ranges longer and shorter sleeve lengths for the taller man or woman.

If you need a longer sleeve length, then all you need to do is after ordering, send us an email quoting your order number (or just simply reply to the order confirmation email) and let us know the top sleeve measurement you require.

How to Measure a Jacket Sleeve:

(i)   Firstly it is important that you take the measurement from a jacket that fits you well and not from a top that fits and sits on

      the body differently to a jacket.

(ii)  It is important that the jacket is laid completely flat with th sleeve fully extended.

(iii) To measure sleeve lengths accurately, get hold of a jacket that fits you well and measure along the sleeve outer edge from

      the top of the sleeve seam where it joins the shoulder (i.e. NOT including the shoulder but to the shoulder seam line) down

      to the sleeve end.


If you’re after shorter sleeves and don't want to tuck the cuff in or roll back the cuff then we have a very easy to use adjustment service for any jacket in our range. A simple sleeve adjustment is no problem for us as we have highly skilled tailors who are specialists in leather, all we need to know is the sleeve length required or if you already have received the jacket just simply tell us the amount you need the sleeve reduced by. We can also alter shoulders as well as waistlines and jacket widths.

Made To Measure Service

We also have a full ‘made to measure’ range available on our website, so we can in addition accommodate a wide range of sizes and fit requirements.