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Depths of A Winter Coat

12 Jan 2013

Who would have thought we would encounter this fierce cold Nordic weather in late March? if someone had told us a few months earlier that the UK would be hit by heavy snow and icy winds just as the spring enquinnox turned we would have dismissed them and not taken it seriously. In reality it would have taken some hard pressed talking to even make us consider that we could possibly experience the severe cold temperatures that have come to pass, indeed the coldest for the last 50 years.

What this shows us is that it pays to be prepared for the unexpected. All those that treated themselves to a gloriously warm shearling coat or sheepskin jacket will not be feeling the cold. In fact they will be smiling to themselves as they stay cosy despite the bitter cold and dark sun less skies.

A good sheepskin will last a lifetime with just a bit of care. It makes little sense to go without a good winter coat especially when there are some really great offers available. So don't delay that sheepskin jacket or shearling coat or put it off till next year as you are very likely to get caught out as there have been four successive cold and snowy winters, and I addition you can bet your bottom dollar that the market price of sheepskin hides will definitely be higher next year as global demand increases! So it makes absolute sense to buy one now and especillay whilst we have still have great offer prices available. Have a look at the luxurious range of shearling sheepskins and grab yourself a real bargain !