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Broad Shoulders? We have a solution...

27 Aug 2015

To describe a man with wider shoulders and a narrower lower half, the term ‘heavy lifter’ is used. Whilst having broad shoulders is typically perceived as a great assest by others, living with them at times may not be so simple as not all clothes are cut in your favour.  So trying to find a good quality leather jacket at a reasonable price may seem near impossible!

Well gents, meet The Zenith. If you're naturally born with wider shoulders or they're occurring due to hitting the gym, there’s nothing worse than not being able to find a jacket that is fitting and comfortable, this is what makes the Zenith a good choice. Offering long sleeves and a wider shoulder measurement the Zenith is designed with you in mind! (The sleeves can always be shortened, we have an expert tailoring service, but shoulders can't be widened if the material isn't there)

The Zenith jacket offers comfort and style whilst accommodating your wider shoulder, ensuring no rips, tears or fraying seems occur just because you’ve sneezed or reached up high.  The Zenith jacket not only offers large patch pockets but also a central zip to ensure attention is drawn down the body creating the illusion of an even and proportioned torso. So what are you waiting for, read our testimonials and find out why our other customers love the Zenith as much as we do! Click here for more information and to read customer reviews