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Black and Gold

26 Sep 2015
Black and Gold

We liked Kylie Jenner’s dress at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. It seems like black leather and gold is making a come-back this year. We are spotting a lot of gold zips on leather jackets along the high street. We have the Purdy and Jet styles up on our range at the moment; both are black with gold zips and fasteners.

Jet Biker Jacket - 2-styles-in-1 biker with gold zips. The jacket starts off as a. ross zip style, but the detachable front panel when removed converts the jacket into a straight zip. So you can wear the jacket  on the next days and people will think you have  adifefrent jacket on!

Purdy Biker Jacket - cross zip style with gold zips anda  short stand up mandarin style collar.