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A Blazer to Compliment Your Wardrobe

27 May 2012

With the spring and summer season just around the corner we can finally put the long dreary winter behind us and start planning those new wardrobe additions. Where better to start than with outdoor wear. Our winter coats may look smart but will almost certainly be too bulky and stuffy for the change in climate. A leather blazer is a timeless and classic garment when complimenting smart and casual wear for both men and women and they won’t overheat you. They are also totally suitable for autumn and winter if you’re going out to a bar, restaurant or party. You can’t beat blazers crafted from soft quality lambs nappa, they fit like a glove, are super comfortable and are very versatile as you can dress them up or down. Nappa is derived from lambskin and is considered to be the best as it is extra soft and supple to touch as well as being very light weight adding to extra comfort.

A huge range of blazers for both men and women can be found online at great discount prices. Styles ranging from classic 2 and 3 button, single or double vented as well as single breast and more retro double breasted styles can be found in the shops but you may have to do some hunting around for a specialist leather shops or a designer style boutique. Alternatively if you shop online you’ll find a number of designs, colours and sizes at your fingertips. Most classic colours are black, brown and tan and if you’re after something a bit different you can always opt for the vintage finish versions.

Like most clothes for women the variety in styles and colours far exceeds the variety available to men. Anything from revered or fold down collars to plain, buttoned or fold back cuffs available in a huge range of colours. Ranging from the classic base colours black, brown, tan to more vibrant, ivory, red, purple, blue, green to name a few.

Women's 2 Button Brown Leather Blazer - Athena